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  • 2021 Edition high quality bike

  • Power to assist you all day

  • Easily carry extras, camera, picnic..

  • Hand-over session to get familair

  • Personally adjusted to fit you

  • 12 years of bike rental experience

  • Good GPS / SatNav. No Map Faffing 

  • Pre-Loaded Routes

  • Helmets, Carry Bag, Locks, First Aid

  • Suitable for Roads and Gravel

  • Upto 350% pedalling power boost


Tell me about the bikes !


We've selected high spec well designed 2021 Edition eBikes that are perfectly suited to our routes. They've been adapted with comfy tyres that are ideal for road and gravel use. 

The electric power is there to augment your pedalling and can assist you by adding upto 340% more power, so you can pedal quite gently and ride up most hills fairly easily.  The sitting position is fairly upright giving you good visbility. Mud guards and chain guard help to keep you clean and a rear bag is included so you can carry a few things with you.  There's no need to wear lycra, just aim for comfort, style and how chilled you're going to look in the photos !

The bikes include a helmet (bring your own if you have one), puncture repair kit and pump. Punctures are fairly rare because the tyres are especially thick and toughened (a benefit with eBikes is you don't need to worry about the weight of your tyres, no need for skinny or thin sided tyres to keep the weight down).  In the unlikley event of a serious mechanical failure our hire partner can recover you.


Bike Delivery and Familiarisation:


Bikes are delivered by our very experienced partner (they have 12 years experience and we've used them for 9 years).  They will pre-arrange a hand-over time with you (often late Friday afternoon) to deliver the bikes, show you how they work and make seat height adjustments.  We have a large private car park so you can have a practice (big smiles and a sense of olympic strength are inevitable).  They will also show you how to use the SatNav / GPS, how to access your routes and how to lock the bikes and re-charge them.

The bikes go through a detailed pre-delivery check process including some additional steps we have specified to tailor for our holidays.  During the hand-over they will fit your helmets and give you a bag for the rear carrier (useful for a jumper, a picnic, a camera or a small bit of shopping). A first aid kit is also supplied.


Our eBikes have the latest battery and motor technology to provide maximum range.   On Evening Pub Rides, Gentle Days and Gourmet routes there is no need to conserve battery power, so you can use whatever power setting you like.

With Explore Tours you need to be aware of the assistance mode you're using and follow some simple rules to switch between medium and full power assistance depending on the terrain.  If you adopt this philosophy and avoid being in a hurry then there's plenty of battery power for any of our routes and you'll have lots of power assistance at your fingertips and won't have to fret about battery capacity.      

Bike Storage:


You will have a personal bike store on our site, close to your suite.  It includes a charging point for the bike and the satnav, and a place to store your "bike things". 

Security and care of the bikes: 


Please read our Terms and Conditions to understand your responsibilities and cancellation options.

Bringing your own bikes? 

If you have your own bikes we are happy to remove the hire bikes from your booking and apply a commensurate discount. Please contact us to enquire.