Epic Days

Our biggest rides.  Worth starting early so you can have a relaxed pace.

No need to be super fit as long as you are fit enough to be happy with moderate all day exercise, and allow good time.  You'll need to pay particular attention to adjusting the degree of electric power assistance to match the terrain on these longer rides, using 'eco-mode' on the non-hilly parts so you can reserve battery power to really help most on the climbs. 

Big vistas and hidden valleys.   Classic UK bike rides thorough Welsh mountain passes, valleys and pretty towns. Some of the best cycling in the UK. 

Not Included for 2021

Epic Days are not accessible via Website Menu and page links but we are holding this page in the background for next year when enhancements in battery range will hopefully enable these rides.

We have been testing rides during March 2021 and whilst these rides are achievable, currently they involve too much "battery range anxiety" which we feel will spoil the relaxation of the day.

Perfect eBike Cycling Route on Gospel Pa

Gospel Pass

Tolkien Valley, Dramatic Pass. Traversing Landscapes. 75km

Gospel Pass is a classic ride objective. Pretty lanes lead you to the first rest stop, after just over an hour, in the crypt of a ruined abbey, beautiful set in a wonderful valley.  We've included quick break at a very pretty church before you climb to Gospel Pass.  The view "reveal" is brilliant and the way the unbounded road descends in the open land below Hay Bluff will stay with you.

The GPS will take you to a working watermill and cafe for lunch. As often happens with our rides lunch is miraculously two thirds of the way round. There's a chance for afternoon tea at an outstanding kitchen garden.  The final section of the ride is on the canal, super relaxed and an opportunity for quiet reflection on the day.  

Undulating countryside beyond the Black Mountains.                75km

This ride has evolved for us over several years to take in some favourite places. There's a pretty cafe after about 1 hour as you head into Monmouthshire and visit two border castles.  Lunch has some interesting options; a top drawer country gastro pub in a lovely setting, a classic rustic pub in a village that's renounded for welcoming cyclists or a slightly bonkers, slightly magic, absolute gem, vegetarian, zero carbon cafe!  Lots of countryside,pretty lanes and a ridge ride that gives great views towards the Black Mountains. The final leg of the ride takes you between Sugarloaf and Crug Mawr to return to Crickhowell and some great choices of pubs or cafes to round off the ride. 

Border Castles


Towns and Landscapes

Big landscapes mixed with towns and plenty to see.      74Km

Partially using a national cycle route we've tailored this ride to take in some beautiful valley sides and quiet countryside as well as some big vistas. You'll see some of our favourite views of the Beacons looking majestic and stop briefly at quite a special church. There's a gorgous cafe in Brecon for mid morning with plenty to look at if you're planning an extended day.  Lunch is in a working flour mill. The afternoon scenery is more intimate as we've picked out a beautiful way to return through the mountains.  There are a couple of good pub choices about 40mins from home followed by a level canal path so you can relax and extend your day into the evening if you choose.

Cathedral Cafe Cycle Tour Brecon Beacons

Hay Bluff

A wilder and more remote variant of the Gospel Pass ride .  75km

Approaching Gospel Pass as above, this route stays higher for longer and feels more remote.  We recommend a snack lying on the grass at the magical Gospel Pass. Then a picnic at a remarkable 15th century church. The soil is so thin there's no graveyard and the atmosphere feels quite special. The visitor book mentions a 5's court (pre-dates squash) and a cock fighting pit. Its a place to sit and wonder about life in this hidden place centuries ago.

There's a long descent with distant views and a sense of big landscapes and a chance for a break at a nice community shop and pub before winding back home with closer views as you weave between gentle mountains.

Quiet Lanes Cycling Route through the Br