Frequently Asked Questions

I'd like to bring my own bike, will that reduce the cost? 

Yes absolutely but our booking management system can't automate that option so please phone or email us with your prefered dates.  We can discuss your plans and create a booking and payment link to send to you.

How can I tell what sort of ride I capable of ?

Our Gourmet rides are fairly flat (just a couple of short hills) and involve about 75 mins of gentle pedalling each way.  On these rides you can leave the bike set to turbo (340%) power asistance so it's incredibly gentle pedalling.  You can practice riding the bike in our large private carpark. As long as you are healthy, fully mobile, can ride a bike and your ok for gentle exercise for that amount of time then Gourmet Rides will be suitable.  There are a couple of bits in Abergavenny where we suggest you get off and walk (the bike has a power assist button for that too).

Gentle Days rides are very similar and we explain the differences in our briefing sheets.

For Explore Tours you need to be familar with bike riding and be happy to pedal for 3-4 hours over the course of the day (typically broken in to 3 main sections). Power assistance really reduces the excertion required, so you dont need to be super-fit.  

If you're keen to try an Explore Tour but aren't quite sure then we recommend an evening pub ride to get a sense of things, and if you're still unsure then perhaps a Gourmet ride on the first day to help you judge your level.

What if I have a puncture ? 

That's pretty rare because the bikes have especially toughened and thick tyres. But if you do get a puncture you will have tools and a repair kit to fix it.  (Often just pumping it up is a good way to get by). Our bicycle hire partner can give advice over the phone and will come out to you if you're stuck.

What if I miss-judge how far we can ride and can't make it home?

Our pub ride routes are a good way to get a feel for distance and elevation gain with the eBikes. They are about 30 mins each way and well worth planning into the first evening of your holiday. This will help you better judge things for your days out.   Always err on the safe side when you consider the size of a ride, and if you still have any worries then try to set off a bit earlier and most of all don't try to focus on going fast.  The best approach is to allow time and take it gently , this way the ebikes will bring you the biggest benefit during the day.  Ultimately if you just want to call a taxi then our local taxi firm does have mini-busses that can fit bikes in. 

What if the bike breaks down?  

These are high quality 2021 bikes and are well maintained so that's very unlikely.  But if it does happen then our bicycle hire partner will arrange to step in and if neccessary 'recover' you.

Will the Battery Last?  

You will be responsible for charging the bikes up overnight (very straight forward) and when fully charged they are very capable of completing the routes we provide.  You will be shown the best power mode to use most of the time and the mode for steep hills.  As long as you follow the advice and don't pedal like you're in a race then absolutely the batteries will last all day.