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How Our Holidays Work

Holiday Format

3 Nights.     Weekend: Arrive Friday.     Midweek: Arrive Tuesday. 

Day 1:  Get acquainted with your bikes. Enjoy an evening ride.

Day 2:  Your chosen day out followed by an evening in Crickhowell.

Day 3:  Your chosen day out followed by an evening out.

Day 4:  Depart by 11am Monday   (or 9.30am if departing on a Friday)

​Cost based on 2 people: Weekend £395pp .    Midweek £365pp .

With a QuietLanes holiday you un-pack once and choose from a range of beautiful rides designed for all levels of rider to enjoy Brecon Beacons cycling.  Choose from our Adventure Cycling routes or opt for Gourmet Cycling.  Your eBike SatNav is pre-loaded with routes, taking you to our favourite picnic spots, cafes and pubs.   Breifing documents are sent to you before your holiday so you can think through your options.  Arrive any time after 4.30pm.

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Settle into your Suite

We offer a choice of suites as your campaign headquarters.


​​You will recieve a keycode so feel free to arrive any time after 4.30pm (we don't operate a reception).   

We recommend arriving at 4.30pm and scheduling your eBike handover session for 5pm.

Learn More About Our Suites

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eBike Handover

You need to allow about 30mins for the eBike handover. Saddle heights will be adjusted for you and helmets fitted. Our eBike rental partner will contact you to arrange a suitable time. They will show you around the bikes, the controls and the SatNav with our pre-loaded routes  There's space in our private carpark to practice (and be amazed at your new superpower).


You will also be shown your secure bike store along with the charging points, pannier bags and picnic blanket.   We pay for your bike rental but you will need to sign a rental agreement and place a security deposit with our rental partner.

Learn More About Your eBikes

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best cycling holiday uk, easy cycling holidays uk, electric bike holidays uk

1st Evening

On the first evening it's a good idea to choose one of our Evening Pub Rides particularly if you are thinking of our Adventure route the following day. This will help you acclimatise to the e-power assistance and using the bike SatNav to ensure you feel confident about the day rides you've picked out.

Alternatively you can leave the bikes and walk or drive to one of the local pubs.

Learn More About Our Evening Pub Rides


Breakfast is at whatever time you choose. We provide luxury continental breakfast supplies suitable for three days. These will be in your suite prior to arrival.  Your suite has a bistro table dining area and an outdoor table.

Learn more about your luxury breakfast supplies.

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activity break uk, brecon beacons cycling, electric bike holidays uk

Our Meadow Path Links to a Quiet Lane for the Start of Every Ride

Day 2 and Day 3  Rides

We've designed a good variety of routes and will send you and a breifing document describing the rides, the suggested start times, the stop-off points for cafes, pubs or picnics and the likely pedalling times for each.

Distance covered isn't the currency here, it's warmth of spirit, views enjoyed and photos taken. Big helpings of all of those are avalialable with all our routes so there's no pressure to clock up miles.

Learn More About QuietLanes Routes 

eBike Riding

Our eBikes assist your pedalling, adding upto 340% power. The most profound impact is going up hill.  Pick a low gear and just gently pedal with a huge smile and take in the views.

It's not about going faster, its about being more relaxed and not having to worry about hills.  It also means you can take stuff with you, that nice camera, binoculars or picnic and a good bottle of wine.

Learn More About Your eBikes

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Finishing Up

Once you've enjoyed the best cycling holiday in the UK, return your eBike to the secure store at the end of day 3 and head out for the evening to start planning your next visit.

Check out time is 11am on Mondays or 9.30am on Fridays. 

Check Availability

Prices: Weekend £395pp.  Midweek £365pp.  Based on two people for three nights including 2 days eBike Rental

Look at Availability and Online Booking

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Apres Bike

Once you've relaxed after your ride the exceptional town of Crickhowell is close by with good pub choices.  If you'd like fine dining then Michel Roux Jr's "favourite Welsh restaurant" is 20 minutes drive away.  

Some rides also have the option to extend the day for an early evening meal followed by an off-road canal path home.